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Wildlife Enhancement

Planting and habitat advice for bio-diversity.


Sensory & Therapeutic Gardens

Specialised gardens, designed to be experienced.


Historical Gardens

Full research work undertaken


Art/ Sculpture Advice

Selection, placing and framing.


Training in Tree Planting

Square holes are the way forward!


CAD Plans, Illustration & 3D Models for Designers

Why not see if I can help?


New Developments

Working with Architects, Developers & Interior Designers

Design, planting, styling, development...

The various stages of the design process are detailed below, which stages are applicable to your project will be dependant on the scale and complexity of the undertaking.

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Beautiful, creative gardens and landscapes, tailored to your needs and lifestyle

Some other services we offer...

You decide how much or how little help you need.  From a small bed redesign or seasonal planter displays to complete large-scale design and project monitoring, with guidance every step of the way.  

I want to work with you to create an amazing garden for you.

Flexible design and implementation management options

Design Process

Initial Meeting

At your convenience, an initial site visit and consultation will be arranged to establish your needs and requirements, and to identify the extent of works and site challenges.  This also, importantly, provides an opportunity for us to meet prior to deciding if you wish to proceed in the design process.



After the meeting, I will write to you, outlining the details of the brief you have given to me, and what my recommended approach will be in delivering it, including the stages and services that will be involved, and a breakdown of my fees.


Client brief, site survey and analysis

Following your agreement for us to prepare a Concept Design, a site visit is undertaken, either by myself or in addition to a professional Landscape Surveyor, depending on the size and/or complexity of the site and brief.


I believe, wherever possible, it is important to discuss the brief with as many of the people who will use the finished garden, as possible.  


In addition to the detail measurements taken to enable the drawing up of the survey. Time will be taken to gain an understanding of the site including site conditions, such as aspect, light, drainage, wind exposure and the surrounding environment; soil type and gradients.  Identification, location and condition of existing trees and other plants will be made, with a review of existing structures and features.  The site will be photographed in detail.

Concept Design

Following confirmation of the final brief, and the accurate survey plan has been produced; a creative yet detailed Concept Design Plan(s) will be made. This is a scaled drawing that shows the layout of the redesigned garden, showing areas of hard and soft landscaping features and structures, for example, paving areas, water features, focal points, steps, specimen trees, new beds and screening.  


A meeting will be arranged to present and review the proposed plan with you, providing an important opportunity for plans to be refined to accommodate any changes you might request. Hard landscaping, such as construction materials and plant choices will be discussed in general.  


Supporting visuals, often a perspective drawing or elevation of one or two key areas, may be included which will help bring my ideas to life for you.

Design Detail

On the basis of an agreed design, I can provide additional information, such as structural plans, which may show in detail elements such as individual paving/brick patterns and how the designs are laid out on the ground, taking into account important view lines etc. or detailed lighting or irrigation plans.  Also, construction drawings can be produced to detail the standard of build and to specify the hard landscaping materials to be used.  As required, liaison with council planning departments, structural engineers, architects, lighting specialists etc. will be provided.


Bespoke design features can be detailed at this point, as well as sourcing of furniture, art and other features and structures.


Where appropriate, a full tender package and specifications can be produced to find an appropriate construction contractor.  Returned tenders will be reviewed and presented, so that you can make the final choice of contractor.  

Planting Design

Detailed planting plans can be provided for both new and existing beds; plans detail location, botanical name, quantities and spacing (based on plants at an appropriate maturity).  When designing planting schemes, it is vital to follow the principle of ‘right plant, right place’, this will aid plants to thrive in your garden.  Schedules listing botanical names and suggested pot sizes/plant size will be provided for ease of ordering, with details of recommended nurseries.  I can source plants, utilising horticultural industry contacts, and I like to be on-site to layout plants ready for planting. Where appropriate, I can visit nurseries to select large specimen trees/shrubs.

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Site Operations and Contract Administration

Various services can be provided during the contract arrangements with the selected contractor and during the construction process, such as contract administration, milestone meetings to certify payments and for snagging/quality control.  Depending on the scale of the site, construction may take place in phases.

Maintenance Schedules

An aftercare plan detailing what can be done through the seasons to maintain your new garden.


Planting Design & Installation

Small beds, epic borders, refresh of existing planting, wildflower meadows...


Tree Consultation

Tree selection advice to complement your garden perfectly.


Seasonal Planters

Supply of pre-planted pots and containers – for an immediate fix!



Hourly and day rates for consultation work.


Planting Plans

Detailed, site specific plans and schedules.

....and much more

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