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Surrey Arts & Crafts House

A newly built family home in the vernacular architecture and Arts and Crafts style, lying on an exposed site on the edge of the historic Surrey village of Thursley.  Although the exterior is traditional in appearance, a delicate balance has been struck with an interior designed with modern family living in mind.  A design for the garden was needed to help the house connect and communicate with the greater landscape and fulfil the needs of a young family.


The approach and area to the front have been designed to create a sense of anticipation and arrival, the repetition of lime trees and hedging creating a journey.  Trees closer to the house control views, create intimacy and focus attention to the house.

In the south-facing family garden a natural swimming pool extends out from the glass section of the house, the surrounding area has been evened out to provide a flat lawn for games, and a series of three low, dry-stone retaining walls create terraces, adding alternative viewing locations.  The walls are planted with textural plants such as ferns, adding layers of interest to the area.


The pool cuts into the terracing, and a reed pool on the higher terrace overflows to cascade down into the pool.  Above, is a paved area of Bargate stone, accessed by stone steps that lead either side of the pool to a climber draped open frame oak pergola, reflecting the timber framing of the house, and forming a large but intimate dining  area with a Bargate stone barbeque.


The journey to the southeast end of the garden, the terraces begin to narrow, and although open with meadow planting, small trees overhang and create a sensation of being in a country lane.  The clay brick path leads you to the gate to go down to the lake.  The spring bulbs, entice you out to the lake even on frosty mornings, interest sustained throughout the seasons.

Concept Plan - Master Plan - Thursley, Surrey Terracing, Pergola and Natural Swimming Pool on Main Axis of Surrey Arts and Crafts House Spring bulbs along brick path to lake Thursley, Surrey Hills, Arts and Crafts House Funtional Layout Plan Family Garden - Children's woodland garden design, featureing 'living' willow dome, secret paths, scrabble ladders, and children-only seating area Front of Surrey Arts and Crafts House Garden Design

Between the pool and the stables is an area of beautiful woodland planting, but it also contains a secret path that leads from the back of the playhouse, thorough the woodland.  There is a spiral path with a willow dome, a sunken trampoline, log scramble ladders and a seating area.  

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